Shoestring Affiliate Disclaimer

This affiliate disclaimer is provided to let you know that If a product or service is recommended by me, it’s because I believe in its benefits. Sometimes this includes an affiliate link for your convenience – we both win!

I may receive commissions from the following vendors if you decide to make purchases based on my recommendations; however, there will never be any additional cost to you as long as the links work properly and do not compromise user experience:

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Shoestring Affiliate is a website that provides resources for people to start their own businesses, but it also offers some products and services as well. I want everyone who visits this site – regardless if they are looking into starting an online business or just need more information about what’s out there, to feel comfortable with how I operate so they can make educated decisions when choosing which product or service that best suits them.

I’m proud Shoestrings Affiliate exists because many affiliate marketers nowadays have moved away from honesty by just posting a bunch of content “while hiding” behind closed doors doing nothing except taking money under false pretenses.

Among other things, this is what the FTC has to say about that: ” If you promote or recommend products or services that pay you for referrals and endorsements—even if those products or services are free—you must disclose your relationship.”

With that being said, I appreciate your business and I want you to feel like this is a mutually beneficial relationship. As an entrepreneur myself there are few things more rewarding than helping others achieve their goals- so thank YOU!!!

I’m happy to answer any of your questions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.