BioReigns Review (2024)


CBD or cannabidiol oil has become the most popular ingredient in natural health supplements today, and a lot of other companies out there are jumping on the bandwagon to try and make profits by placing their marketing focus in the CBD health and wellness niche.

Now, when it comes to MLMs or any new marketing endeavor I am very skeptical because I have been scammed before.

However, don’t let my skepticism scare you off because after doing some research I have realized that there are many opportunities to make money online.

BioReigns (BR) is one such company and in this BioReigns review, we’ll take a closer look at this MLM and see if it is a flimflam opportunity or if can you make money with it.

What is BioReigns?


BioReigns is a multi-level marketing company that uses CBD oil in its health supplement products.

As noted in the introduction, CBD oil is a hot product right now and a lot of marketing companies are jumping into the CBD industry to take advantage of it.

The pride of this MLM is their innovation in the field of pharmaceutical technology, specifically their RapidCell Technology (RCT).

RapidCell Technology allows your body to easily absorb the vitamins and nutrients within minutes as opposed to greater lengths of time with other commercial CBD products.

Company History

bryan-reedBioReigns was launched in September 2019, but what I found pretty peculiar was that the website was established in March 2018.

This means it was online months before the rest of the world even heard about it.

Additionally, their website makes no mention of the BioReigns founder or who owns this MLM company.

But after spending some time digging around the internet, I came to learn that the two guys behind this MLM are Bryan Reed and Jojo Dominic Contino.

These guys are relatively new players when it comes to the MLM scene which is interesting because usually whenever a new MLM company launches, they enlist a few of the experienced or top earners in the MLM industry to do the initial launch.

The primary reason they do this is that the seasoned guys already have a wide audience to promote to a newly launched MLM company and have a trust factor in the industry already.

Having new faces and launching MLMs does not mean that their company is useless and people cannot make money from it.

Is Bioreigns a Pyramid Scheme?

Although it’s not a pyramid scheme, it is close to being one in disguise.

However, some key signs can help you determine whether or not a company is a pyramid scheme they are:

  • How the company makes its money
  • The requirement to recruit new members
  • Quality of products or services offered

How the company makes its money

One tell-tale sign of a pyramid scheme is the business model. 

In a pyramid scheme, a recruiter’s success in the process is dependent on finding more people to join the program under them and who can also find recruits themselves.

Plus, most companies do not charge an upfront fee to sign up with them or to go through their training programs.

The requirement to recruit new members

In an MLM company’s recruiting process, they often require their distributors to purchase an initial product inventory.

In some cases, there are high start-up costs that may have to be paid when joining the company.

Quality of products or services offered

In addition, if there is not a strong emphasis being placed on selling products or services, but rather on signing up a certain number of new people into the system.

This could be a good indicator that the company may be operating as a pyramid scheme.

If you’re ever unsure, it’s always best to do your research first!

BioReigns Product Line

BioReigns offers a wide range of CBD products, which in turn, provides affiliates the opportunity to sell CBD products and earn commissions.

Below are some of the products that they offer:

CBD Daily

PurCBDCBD Daily is their flagship product that is designed with their proprietary technology cell complex that brings together the power of CBD and curcumin to promote daily wellness.

The oil comes in a 30ml bottle and is available in three potency levels: Regular Strength ($69), Extra Strength ($89), and Ultra Strength ($149). It can be taken orally and comes in either peppermint or peach flavor.

CBD Daily Full Spectrum

This product offers theCbdDaily benefits of CBD Daily with a bonus of the entourage effect”.

The “entourage effect” occurs when a tiny amount of THC works together to magnify those potential health benefits for your body but without any psychoactive effects or feeling whatsoever and comes in the same three potency levels, flavors, and price as the CBD Daily oil.

CBD Lean

burn-caloriesLooking to burn calories and achieve better performance during your workouts? Check out CBD Lean, now available for purchase online.

This innovative product utilizes BioReign’s exclusive rapidCT delivery technology to help you achieve even better results.

It contains yohimbine, which is known to help increase adrenaline levels and promote weight loss. Additionally, yohimbine can also help to modulate fat-burning cell receptors.

This means that the supplement may be able to help you lose more weight, even if you don’t change your diet or exercise routine.


bioreigns-limitless-reviewLimitless is a cognitive performance-enhancing supplement that supports neurons and helps you learn, and concentrate on tasks more easily.

This product provides ingredients that support neurons so your brain can perform at its top capacity all day long.

Pet Tincture

pet-_main_bioReignsThe tincture for pets contains CBD and curcumin, two natural ingredients with medicinal properties.

It can help improve your pet’s quality of life by providing relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

The tincture is also unscented and unflavored, making it perfect for pets who don’t like strong smells or flavors. It’s also easy to use, simply add it to your pet’s food or water.

Relief Cream

theCream_Main_bioReignsIf you’re looking for a natural way to relieve pain, the pain relief cream may be the answer.

With ingredients like coconut oil, glycerin, aloe vera, and menthol, this cream is a water-soluble CBD designed to soothe irritated skin and sore muscles.

And with their exclusive RCT, you can be sure that your skin will absorb the cream quickly, providing relief fast.

Relief Lotion

theLotion_Main_bioReigns-768x591This is a water-soluble CBD nourishing moisturizer with a fresh lemongrass scent.

It includes essential oils and extracts that help relieve muscle pain, inflammation, and soreness.

As with the cream, the Lotion is also designed with BioReigns’ RCT to help it absorb quickly and provide relief fast.

Its fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula make it a perfect choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Manufacturing of Products

Generally, most CBD companies are very open and do not hesitate to tell consumers about their extraction process and their hemp supply, but this MLM is not very forthcoming about the specifics of their products.

So, what’s the story?

BioReigns claims that they manufacture their products in the USA, which is an important factor in buying these products because of the quality and the standards that are required to meet.

However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any regulations yet for CBD products, so it’s really up to the company to make sure that its products are of high quality.

Translated: “Buyer beware!”

3rd Party Analysis

It can be hard to know who to trust when looking for information on CBD products.

BioReigns claims that their products are tested by a big USA company called EVIO Lab, but do their products stand up to the test?

Generally speaking, EVIO Labs is an accredited Cannabis testing facility that seems to be well-loved by the cannabis and hemp supply industry.

They offer analytical testing and consulting services that have helped many businesses get off the ground.

But do they always get it right?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. But, EVIO Labs has positioned itself as the watchdog for CBD products.

And, as they are one of the few labs with the ability to do extensive testing, their word is often taken as gospel.

Do These Products Work?

When it comes to the products manufactured by BioReigns, the question on everyone’s mind is – do they work?

And unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. It seems that these products can work well for some people, while others may not see any results at all.

So, what’s the deal? Well, it all comes down to individual factors. For instance, your age, overall health, and lifestyle all play a role in how well their products work.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on BioReigns altogether. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of seeing results:

  • Make sure to take the products as directed
  • Be patient. Results may not show up immediately, but give it some time and you may be surprised

The biggest takeaway is to try BioReigns for yourself and see how the products work for you. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

How Can I Make Money From BioReigns?

When it comes to MLM companies that are in the CBD niche, there are two main ways to make money.

The first is through retail purchases by your customers and the second is through recruitment.

Below, we’ll take a look at both of these methods and see what they entail.

Retail Customer Purchases

Here, you sell BioReigns products as an affiliate or a distributor, and you will earn commissions on anything that you sell.

This can be a great way to make money, especially if you’re good at selling.

However, it’s important to remember that you need to generate sales to make money.

This can be a challenge, especially if you’re starting from scratch.


The other way to make money is by recruitment. This is where you earn commissions by signing other people up for the CBD MLM company.

The more people you sign up with, the more money you’ll make. However, it’s important to remember that this method isn’t sustainable in the long term.

Many people new to sales will recruit their friends and family members to get started.

While this can be a great way to get started, it’s important to remember that you won’t make money if these people don’t remain active and the potential to lose friends and family members is high.

So, which is the best way to make money from CBD MLM companies? The answer to this question depends on you and your selling skills.

If you’re good at selling, then the product sales route is probably the best option for you. However, if you’re not so hot at selling, then the recruitment route might be a better option.

One thing to keep in mind is that both of these methods require hard work and dedication. There’s no such thing as easy money, so don’t expect to make a fortune overnight.

With maximum effort and some perseverance, you can make a decent income with BioReigns.

Who is This MLM for?

BioReigns is for people who want to take control of their financial future. But as with any company that is in the health and wellness niche, there is a lot of competition.

To be successful with BioReigns, you need to be dedicated and willing to put in the work.

You also need to have a good marketing strategy, as this will be key to your success.

But, a major issue I had was trying to find how to join BioReigns as their website is pretty vague about it.

I had to do a Google search to get to their affiliate registration page, but even then, I could not find out the start-up costs without providing my personal information.

For me, that’s a red flag. I don’t like when a company is so secretive about how much it costs to join them.

This should be an upfront disclosure on their website.

I suspect you will have better luck finding a distributor who is already a member and signing up under them.

By searching on Google using the term “how to become a BioReigns affiliate” I was able to find a few distributors that you could sign up with.

Bioreigns Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of this MLM has three activation levels: Enrollee activation, Reps, and Elite activation. The Elite level is broken down into 10 sub-levels.

I won’t even try to go into all the details, but each level has different requirements and benefits. Let’s just say that the higher up you go, the more money and rewards you can earn.

But here’s the thing: to achieve these higher levels, you need to have a downline. That’s where Enrollees and Reps come in.

Enrollees are people who have signed up directly with Bioreigns. Reps are people who have joined Bioreigns through a distributor.

The goal of a distributor is to get as many people as possible enrolled in Bioreigns so that they can start earning money. And the best way to do that is by having a large downline.

Here’s a link to the BioReigns Compensation Plan. It breaks down the payouts better than I can.

Failure Ratio For Distributors

Bio Reigns is a relatively new MLM company that has been gaining a lot of traction lately. However, while the company may be new, the concept behind it is not.

Multi-level marketing is a business that has been around for many years despite its longevity as an industry.

According to a study by Robert FitzPatrick, statistics reveal that the failure rate for those who invest their time and money in an MLM is more than 99%.

When it comes to compensation, a BioReigns Rep (aka Distributor) typically makes anywhere from $500 to $2000 on average annual income.

I’m no math genius, but I would say that is not a figure that screams you are on the path to riches.


After looking at the BioReigns marketing materials I can only conclude two positive things about this CBD MLM:

  • Has a variety of CBD-based products to choose from
  • It’s a water-soluble CBD with no psychoactive properties


  • Its activation packages are very pricey
  • It is not that easy to make money with BioReigns
  • It does not stand out from other companies that market CBD products

Is BioReigns a Scam?

With a company like this, questions always abound as to whether BioReigns is a pyramid scheme or a huge sham.

I can certainly understand why one might think this as it is not always easy to make money with this company.

However, I do not believe that BioReigns is a scam. It is a recognized MLM company with a vast array of CBD-related products consisting of CBD capsules, essential oils, CBD tinctures, and pet tinctures that are water-soluble, and NON-GMO.

The only problem is, the products aren’t all that unique when compared to other companies in this niche, which could make them difficult to sell.

The company also has an expensive activation package, and the income potential is not particularly lucrative.

This is highlighted in the 2020 BioReigns lawsuit brought forth by MyDailyChoice.

When MyDailyChoice noticed that BioReigns’ distributors were posting about their suspect earnings and product performance on social media, they took action.

The company filed this lawsuit regarding earnings claims and product performance in an inappropriate manner by disseminating them online among other things.

Given such tactics, it’s not surprising to think that BioReigns could be a pyramid scheme or a scam.

Final Thoughts

Multi-level marketing companies are nothing new, but the concept behind them is. 

They have been around for many years and despite their longevity as an industry, the failure rate for those who invest their time and money in an MLM is more than 99%.

When it comes to BioReigns, while the company may be legitimate, the products aren’t all that unique when compared to other companies in the CBD MLM industry and the compensation plan is not particularly lucrative.

With those things in mind, it’s hard to say that BioReigns is a good investment. There are better ways to earn money online than marketing CBD products.

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